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【解決方案】搭上綠能商機 華鉬實業打造全釩液流電池儲能系統設備 長效儲能的最佳選擇
[2022 Import Case] Taking advantage of green energy business opportunities, Hua Molybdenum Industry creates all-vanadium redox flow battery energy storage system equipment, the best choice for long-term energy storage

Green energy is the future trend and will surely lead to huge business opportunities in the future Wind power has been one of the green energy sources that have attracted global attention in recent years It will become an important force in my country's renewable energy and help Taiwan's power gener...

【解決方案】破壞式創新商模 奇翼醫電推出行動醫療裝置- 心電圖傳感器 打造遠距醫療當中最後一塊拼圖
[2022 Solution] Disruptive innovative business model Qiyi Medical Electronics launches mobile medical device-ECG sensor to create the last piece of the puzzle in telemedicine

With the advent of the post-epidemic era, the development of global telemedicine is in the ascendant, which has greatly increased the demand for smart medical technology in decentralized medicine Among them, if mobile medical devices can provide real-world at home or outside the hospital data for us...

【解決方案】運用極現科技4D無人機雲端平台 巡檢成本降為五分之一
[2022 Solution] Utilizing Extreme Present Tech's 4D Drone Cloud Platform Reduces Inspection Costs to One-Fifth

The use of drones for intelligent inspection is becoming increasingly common, with major petrochemical and solar power plants continuing to adopt drone applications Located in Hsinchu, Extreme Present Technology earthbook has established a 4D cloud platform using its proprietary technology, offering...


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