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【2021 Implementation Case】 Hamastar Technology Builds an AI Model Management Platform to Accelerate the Application of AI

Riding the AI hype train, financial service providers are using their solid foundation in the industry to not only transform themselves, but also assist their customers with transformation Hamastar Technology, which has been established for over two decades, has been developing AI technology and ass...

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【2021 Solutions】 Exclusive Innovative AI Algorithm Miniaturization Patent: Mantuo Technology Assists in Bringing Large-Scale AI to the Cloud

With the Internet of Things, the demand for AI algorithms is becoming increasingly massive and complex The use of Edge AI, which can effectively reduce costs, enhance security, and improve execution efficiency, will become an inevitable trend Founded in 2018, Mantuo Technology's DeepMentor mainly pr...

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【2019 Implementation Case】 Smart agriculture and fisheries digital twin: A highly efficient and sustainable agriculture and fisheries upgrade solution. How did the AI technology called "digital twin" triple the output of aquaculture?

Relying on nine types of sensors to detect water quality, while monitoring the growth of the farmed species and fishermen's behavioral decisions, the artificial intelligence AI solution "Smart Agriculture and Fisheries Digital Twin" can significantly increase production by 300 The ldquoHappy Harvest...


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