[2022 Solution] AI electric eyes replace human eyes. Huiyan Intelligence uses AI to help the manufacturing industry with quality control

In response to a small number of diverse customer needs in the manufacturing industry, there is an urgent need to find AI solutions from the cloud to the terminal. Huiyan Intelligence provides software and hardware integration solutions - BailAI image inspection solutions to assist traditional manufacturing industries in improving process efficiency and product quality, and achieving the initial goal of transformation.

After the government declared 2017 to be Taiwan's "Year of AI", new AI startups have sprung up in Taiwan. Huiyan Intelligence, established in 2018, targets smart manufacturing and provides a platform for AI image analysis and process optimization. Deep learning methods detect product defects and assembly step abnormalities, assisting companies in building infrastructure from terminals to the cloud, so that factory production can be automatically monitored to improve the efficiency and quality of the manufacturing process.

Familiar with the production line quality control process and using AI image detection as the main focus of entrepreneurship

Liu Yawen, founder and CEO of Huiyan Intelligence, was young. She entered the manufacturing industry after graduating from university and held a quality control position in the plastic injection process of hard disk parts. "At that time, she was already on the production line, and for the production machine "She is very familiar with the production line process." She later switched careers to marketing planning, and then worked as an AI product manager. When the time came, Liu Yawen decided to start a business, focusing on AI image recognition in the manufacturing industry.

"The difficulty for enterprises is the lack of AI development teams. Even if there is an AI team, development projects will take a lot of time, at least 6-12 months." Liu Yawen, who is well versed in the market's pain points, said that the problem the platform needs to solve is to provide traditional manufacturing Employees in the industry who do not need a program development background can also build their own AI model platform to remotely assist in troubleshooting production lines and subsequent system maintenance operations, helping companies save development time and labor costs.

BailAI image detection platform usage scenarios.

▲BailAI image detection platform usage scenarios

Faced with many competitors providing AI image recognition in the market, what are the technical advantages of Huiyan Intelligence? Liu Yawen said that at this stage, many companies have AOI optical inspection equipment, but the bottleneck in the application of AOI optical inspection is that it can only be used for defect inspection with fast production lines and large quantities, and each inspection or production must be readjusted. parameter. According to her understanding of the industry, limited by the fact that AOI equipment often costs over one million Taiwan dollars, most small and medium-sized traditional manufacturing industries do not have strong financial resources, but they also want to do automated testing. This is Huiyan Intelligence. Opportunity.

Liu Yawen went on to say that it is impossible for traditional manufacturing industries to maintain a technical team including AI engineers, data engineers, cloud architects, terminal architecture engineers and other professional talents. Huiyan Intelligence is good at software and hardware integration. Enterprises can use BailAI The image inspection platform can easily solve inspection problems on the production line. In other words, customers only need to provide images or samples to Huiyan’s intelligent training model, deployment model and system integration, and they can easily use AI technology to optimize and monitor production line processes.

Participated in the AI+ Rising Talents Selection Competition and achieved a recognition rate of over 90% in assembly behavior image recognition

For example, a certain connector manufacturer has only 1-2 AI engineers in its technical team. The main problem to be solved is that most operators are on the production line, while quality control and senior managers are at the remote end. The company wants to understand the actual situation of the production line through remote monitoring. Huiyan Intelligent uses industrial cameras to capture production line images and transmits AI image analysis to the remote end. Supervisors and quality control personnel can observe through the screen whether there are any errors in the production line assembly, such as whether the connector heads and lines are connected properly. And other issues.

Huiyan Intelligent's AI image inspection rack operates on Microsoft's Azure cloud platform, and will also be placed around the inspection station through terminal equipment, such as NVIDIA's edge computing equipment. Through a cloud-to-end integrated solution, Assist traditional manufacturing industries to improve production line efficiency and detect problems early. At this stage, Huiyan Intelligence’s customer base includes aviation, electronic peripherals, connectors, metal and other related industries.

2. The accuracy rate reaches more than 90%.

▲ Assembly process solution for human behavior recognition in assembly lines, with an accuracy rate of over 90%

In order to demonstrate the depth of technology, Huiyan Intelligent participated in the 2021 AI+ Rising Stars Selection Event of the Industrial Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and provided Lite-On Technology with a "Human Behavior Recognition Assembly Process for Assembly Production Line" solution, through camera and AI image recognition. To identify the effective working hours and ineffective working hours of production line operators, that is, to judge the assembly behavior of operators through image recognition of hand posture and position, the accuracy can reach more than 90%.

Liu Yawen added that since the assembly process of electronic components is complex and mostly relies on human labor and cannot be replaced by robotic arms, Huiyan Intelligent used the camera to film the assembly process of the operators at Lite-On's assembly station. The algorithm is then trained and corrected based on the video. The final trained model can directly determine whether there are any errors in the assembly process to improve the overall process.

Introducing the BailAI image detection platform, the project development time is expected to be shortened to 1 month

Since its establishment more than three years ago, Huiyan Intelligence has accumulated a lot of project experience and hopes to commercialize the project experience. Liu Yawen pointed out that the BailAI image detection trial version will be completed this year (2022). Customers can customize the detection of objects based on the precision of the object. Select industrial cameras, video cameras, or even X-rays to capture images, and then automatically label the images through the platform. Huiyan Intelligence will provide AI application models that fit the field for customers to use, and can also make inferences on cloud terminals. , which is convenient for the manufacturing industry to go online. Including metal casings, connectors, electronic peripherals, and mechanical parts in the metal industry and industrial computers, the platform can be used for defect detection and object identification.

At this stage, Huiyan Intelligence will continue to improve its technical capabilities, accumulate customer experience to complete productization, and at the same time accelerate the application of AI detection. In the mid-term, it will build terminal cloud infrastructure and reduce the development time of enterprise AI projects from 6 to 12 months. It is shortened to 1 month, lowering the enterprise usage time and usage threshold. The long-term goal is to target the Southeast Asian market where Taiwanese businessmen gather, expand software and hardware integrated AI solutions to overseas markets, and expand the scale of operations.

Hui Yan Intelligent Participation Winner of the 2021 AI+ Talent Selection Competition of the Industrial Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs

▲Huiyan Intelligent participated in the 2021 AI+ Rising Talent Selection Event of the Industrial Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and won the award

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